Meet The Committee

Khila Pecoraro, Committee Chair


Khila Pecoraro is a dual major at Oneonta, studying both Philosophy and Environmental Sustainability. This is her second time on the Conference Committee and now she’s serving as Chair which is a whirlwind of a change from last year.
She’s incredibly excited by many things in the world including metaphysics, adventure, and plants.
Catch her hiking in her native Adirondack Mountains or debating philosophical topics while being President of Philosophy Club. Come one, come all to engage in philosophical discourse with those who enjoy it the most!

Ali Eddy, Secretary, Donations Chair, Reception Chair, Book Baron


Ali Eddy is a senior at SUNY Oneonta studying philosophy and earth science. This is her second year on the conference committee. She enjoys adventuring with her friends, eating pizza, and hanging out with stray cats.

Katie Garrity, Treasurer 


Katie is a Music Industry major with a double minor in Business Communications and Philosophy. This is her first time on Conference Committee, and she also serves as Treasurer of the Philosophy Club. Vegetarian, avant-garde multimedia performer, and firm believer that everything is waves.



Mich Nelson, Discussant Chair/Boss, Journeyman, Spreadsheet Czar 



There not much to say about Michelle, Mich as she prefers. This is her last and second year on conference committee. Mich is a dual major and political science and philosophy. She love to talk about aesthetics, political theory and really anything else. She loves to talk to people about anything so please get a hold of her and talk.



Brenna Crowe, Discussant Chair/Boss


Brenna Crowe is a senior majoring philosophy and psychology. She is not good at space or time, and often appears to be confused in public. She is a lover of bad puns and good times, and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a prestigious committee with loving and hardworking people.

Connor Farrell, Publicity Chair, Book Baron


Hello! This little elf is named Connor. Connor is a senior here at SUNY Oneonta and other than majoring in Sociology Connor enjoys social hours with friends and lifting and setting down heavy iron things. Favorite snack? sour gummy worms.

Andrew Edwards, Program Chair


Andrew is a senior in Sociology at SUNY Oneonta.  His favorite philosopher is Aristotle.  His favorite food is Italian food.  His hobbies include reading, creative writing, playing guitar, and listening to music.  His favorite movie is Star Wars.  Sometimes, he dreams about being a James Bond villain.  Sometimes, he dreams about being a Jedi.  He is quite a nerd and he is proud of it.


Griff Eddy, Registration Chair, Book Baron


Griff is currently studying philosophy at SUNY Oneonta. His philosophical interests include but are not limited to: ethics, meta-ethics, and metaphysics. He enjoys long walks in the park with his cat.


Asia Schofield, Computer Graphics Chair, Webmaster



Asia is a senior at SUNY Oneonta. She majors in Philosophy and minors in Computer Science. She has no concrete plans, but graduating, following her wild, exemplifying compassion, and redefining all the words that seem to have lost meaning.


Sarah Meemken, Registration Chair, Journeyman


Sarah is a freshman at SUNY Oneonta, and is a Music Industry major. She is not only a lover of music and philosophy, but also of feminism, buffalo chicken dip, the office, and golden retrievers.